Bobby Eberle — 13-Minute News Hour

CANCELED by Woke Mob! CEO Fired After Expressing Pro-Life Views | Bobby Eberle Ep. 404

September 8, 2021

Tripwire Interactive CEO John Gibson was fired from the video game company for being pro-life.  Gibson didn't riot or loot or protest or assault anyone.  He simply made a pro-life post on social media.  The cancel culture swarmed in, and leftwing corporate wokeness rendered their judgment.

If you are a woke, radical leftist, you can pretty much post anything on social media, and nothing will happen to you.  You certainly won't be fired for it.  If you express a conservative viewpoint, however, you job could be on the line.

#BobbyEberle #WokeMob #IAmProLife


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